Century: Golem Ed.

KWD 16.950

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Product Information

Century: Golem is a unique engine building card game, which takes place over a series of rounds where each player plays the role of a Grand Master. The goal of the game is to construct a set of Golems that provide you victory points, by collecting the appropriate crystals required to craft them. Crystals come in four colors, which are either acquired by playing cards to claim them directly or through a crystal trading mechanic.
A light strategy game that is easy to learn yet has great depth of play. Strategize as you play to craft the best Golems granting you the highest points to win the game!
Perfect level of depth and strategy for all ages and experience levels. Easily taught in 2 minutes and will provide you hours of fun. Stunning components and art unmatched by any other game out there.

• Players: 2-5
• Age: 8+
• Time: 30-45 min.
• Dimensions: 27.5x19x7 cm