Kamil Alharja

KWD 14.000

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Product Information

The game of youth and laughter sessions and the expansion of the chest depends largely on the selection and installation of appropriate phrases to complement the meaning of the form chosen by the player so that the game wins the combinations to laugh more provided that they are appropriate and decent. The game is suitable for young people over 17 years old because it depends on the player's funny, appropriate and correct choices. The way of playing : The game consists of 550 cards, 150 black cards containing the Harajah and 350 white cards in which the sequel Harajeh.

Players meet and choose a king of the round, which in turn selects the card in which the reading reads loudly and then each of the other players pass the card in which the sequel to playback, the King reads the playfulness with all the loud supplements and then choose the card that becomes with him and become more funny and the owner wins a point at the end Round. A new king is assigned to each round. He wins the game which collects more points than all the countries of play